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Enekom is an engineering company, involving in research, development and engineering activities on the technologies supporting the sustainable life concept.

The company is located in the special technology development area (Technopolis) inside the Middle East Technical University campus in Ankara / Turkey.

Our main focus area is to develop new and innovative R&D projects, mainly new generation broken rail detection systems (RailAcoustic®), railroad signaling and communication systems, fiberoptic based communication systems used railway and highway projects.

We are also working on some other R&D projects, related to ultra-high sensitivity spectro-photometric detectors and analyzers, fuzzy controlled oven temperature and environment control systems, new technologies for better utilization of alternative energy sources, automated food processing equipment and also a number of other technologies supporting the idea of sustainable life practices in various social environments such as, agricultural activities, rural settlements etc.

We also design, develop and manufacture high precision performance test and diagnostic systems for diesel engines and fuel injectors and very high-pressure fuel pump/injectors.

Our research and development team is a multi-disciplinary team, consist of academic and professional engineering expertise. We continue our research and development efforts in the field of engineering and natural sciences, by establishing a strong relationship between the university and the industry.


The basic working principles of RailAcoustic was inspired from the communications of the Whales with their family members.

We had found the basic working principle of RailAcoustic when we learned that the acoustic waves produced by the whales for their communication can reach up to thousands of kilometers and that the characteristic information within these acoustic waves can easily be perceived by other family members. Then it was a matter of time to make the R&D and the necessary design to be able to transfer this idea into a reality or a system of electronic and electromechanical devices.

And we did it !

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